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32ft Scissor Lift LGMG S1012EⅡ(S3246EⅡ)

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The LGMG electric scissor lift hire offers the highest lift height in the line. Lithium batteries ensure the lift works as long as possible.

This scissor will need to be delivered or picked up on a tilt tray.

Hire Time Price
4 Hour Hire N/A
1 Day Hire $240.00
2 Day Hire $480.00
3 Day Hire $550.00
4 Day Hire $580.00
5 Day Hire $580.00
6 Day Hire $580.00
7 Day Hire $580.00
Weekly Hire $580.00
Monthly Hire POA
Weekend $240.00


Models S1012EⅡ S3246EⅡ
Work Height Max. 12m 39’4”
A-Platform Height-Raised 10m 32’10”
B-Platform Length 2.26m 7’5”
C-Platform Width 1.12m 3’8”
D-Overall Length 2.49m 8’2”
E-Overall Width 1.18m 3’10”
F-Overall Height-Guardrails Up 2.49m 8’2”
G-Overall Height-Guardrails Down 1.68m 5’6”
H-Extension Deck 0.9m 2’11”
I-Wheelbase 1.85m 6’1′
Ground Clearance(Stowed/Raised) 100/20mm 4”/1”
Max. Platform Occupants (In/out) 2 (in) /1 (out)
Platform Capacity 320kg 705 lbs
Platform Capacity-Extension Deck 120kg 265 lbs
Drive Height Full Height
Gradeability-Stowed 25%
Min. Turning Radius 2.45m 8′
Raise/Lower Speed 58/48s
Brakes Front-wheel Brake
Drive Mode 4×2
Tire Type Solid Non-marking
Tire Size 380*130mm 15”x5”
Ground Pressure, Tyres 1355 kPa 196.5 psi
Power Source 24V (4x6V) 240Ah, FLA
Power Source (Lithium Battery) 24V  230Ah
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 23L 6.1gal
Machine Weight(CE/ANSI) 2995kg 6603 lbs