Auger Hire Gold Coast

If you’re embarking on a project that will involve drilling holes for fence posts, gates, and trees, you may be looking to hire an auger.


An auger is a drilling device that can make drilling holes in the ground quick, easy, and convenient. Hiring an auger for the duration of a project is a cost-effective way to carry out drilling tasks without having to splash out on your own equipment.


At Hire Pro, we supply a range of tools and machinery to local construction teams, agricultural businesses, and other commercial clients across the Gold Coast, including handheld augers that can be used to make easy work of drilling tasks.

Worker Drills The Ground
Hand-held Soil Hole Drilling Machine

Augers For Hire Gold Coast

We supply a range of augers across the Gold Coast at competitive rates for clients across various industries.


An auger is a drilling device with rotating blades that can be used to drill holes to accurate depths through a range of materials and substrates.


We offer a range of handheld augers that can be used to drill holes of various sizes up to 1200mm in width and up to 1m in depth.


Our augers can be used for a variety of applications including:

  • Holes for fence posts
  • Holes to plant trees, shrubs, and other plants
  • Holes for posts and signs
  • Holes for gates and other outdoor structures

Auger Hire To Match Your Schedule

Our auger hire can be tailored to suit the needs of your project, whether this means day hire or long-term auger hire for long-term projects.


We offer a variety of competitive rates, from a 4-hour rate to a daily rate, weekly rates, and monthly rates.


Designed to offer you maximum flexibility and value, we work with our clients to ensure that our auger hire packages are suitable for their projects.

Soil Earth Auger Machine
Earth Auger On Green Grass

Expert Advice And Consultation

If you’ve not worked with an auger before, or you’re looking for advice on future projects, we’re always happy to offer advice and expertise on augers and other construction equipment and machinery.


Our team of specialist advisors can help you to choose the right size of auger for your project, no matter what’s needed.


Our handheld augers for hire on the Gold Coast are ideal for a huge range of construction, landscaping and gardening projects, and as technical experts in construction machinery and equipment.


We’re here to help you ensure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Get In Touch

If you’re looking for affordable auger hire Gold Coast-based, our team at Hire Pro can help.


We stock a range of augers of various sizes that can be used to drill holes up to 1m in depth.


Whether you’re looking for an auger for construction, agriculture, or landscaping, our versatile range is suitable for

projects of all sizes, including day-long projects and long-term projects spanning multiple months.


Get in touch with us today to discuss our auger hire services and find out more about how we can assist your project

with a wide range of machinery.