Gold Coast Painting Equipment for Hire

Painting is something most homeowners will have to partake in at some point – and we have the painting supplies to get the job done right. Whether you’re redoing an older home that is in need of drastic updating and repairs, or you just want to freshen things up with a whole new colour—we can give you the painting equipment and supplies needed to complete the job with proficiency and professionalism.

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Why not hire a professional painter?

Hiring a painter might get the job done, but many find the costs prohibitive. Not only are you paying for the equipment being used, but you’re also paying for the painter himself and any helpers he brings along. You may have the skills yourself to complete the job with the right materials – that’s where we can help.

We not only have ladders and painting equipment, but we also carry a range of mobile scaffolding supplies, trestles, planks, safety rail systems, bricklayer’s trestles and more!

Who can use painting equipment for hire?

Virtually any homeowner can use the convenience of painting equipment for hire. There isn’t a house out there that won’t need a new paint job at some point, so just about anybody will find themselves in need of painting supplies at one point or another.


If you already know what you need, feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to discuss all your upcoming needs to determine which items are the most helpful. We will help you find everything you need, delivered quickly – sometimes within just a few hours. Not only that, but we offer the best prices in the industry. You won’t find anyone cheaper throughout the entire Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

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Sometimes the simplest tools are the ones you need. Our ladders come in varied heights and designs, so you can reach everything from lighting fixtures to change out a bulb, to the top of your home to clean gutters or paint the siding. We’ve tested and maintained all of our ladders to ensure superior quality and performance.

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Mobile Scaffolding:

Mobile scaffolding allows you to create a work surface in higher areas, letting you to paint, perform wiring jobs, and complete other tasks with greater security than ladders alone. We provide scaffolding for hire in a variety of sizes, lengths and types.

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Create a sturdy work surface off the ground with our trestles for hire. They’re ideally suited for painting, plastering, wiring, and other indoor applications where you need freedom of motion with the height of a ladder. Our options are durable, well-maintained, and designed to help you get the job done fast. Ask about all of our trestles to determine which is best for your job.

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We have a variety of planks for hire to help you complete a range of construction related jobs. All of our products have been maintained and tested to ensure safety and effectiveness. Ask about our range of planks and other painting equipment.

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Safety Rail Systems:

Our safety rail systems are designed to help keep you safe while painting, plastering, patching and more. You can rest assured that our safety rails are in good conditions, tested, and maintained to the highest levels of performance and safety.

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Bricklayer’s Trestles:

The bricklayer’s trestles we offer are designed for masonry work, painting, and other construction projects. They’re constructed for strength and safety while on the job. We inspect every item before you use it, so you can rest assured that you’re getting superior quality.