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You want a professional level job done on your property, but you might not want to pay a professional to do it. Many projects can be completed by homeowners with the right tools and equipment. That’s why we provide professional grade mini excavator hire and more – and we offer them at the best prices you’ll find. That’s our promise to you. We service the entire Gold Coast area, including Mudgeeraba, Robina, Varsity Lakes, Reedy Creek and more.
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5 Projects Excavators Are Perfect For:

Mini Excavators punch above their weight. At around 1000 kilograms with a full tank of fuel, they can get into tight spaces and display outstanding manoeuvrability. More than just being able to move with efficiency and economy, they can also go about it very precisely. Where you’ll find mini excavators is not all that surprising. You’ll see them on work sites everywhere — not just residential sites but also larger construction sites. Designed for smaller jobs, they still manage to do a mountain of work.


What kind of projects are mini excavators hired to do?

To illustrate, below are just 5 examples of typical mini excavator jobs for Gold Coast property owners.

Before proceeding with any digging project, it’s a good idea to first check what lies beneath. You don’t want to be disturbing something you would regret, such as pipes and cables. Dial before You Dig is a free service to help with that.

1. Dig Post Holes

With a mini excavator and an auger attachment, you’ll be able to dig postholes for your fencing. No fuss and in quick time, with the precision you need to locate the holes right where you need them. And drilled to the depth required — up to a metre deep is possible.

2. Preparing Your Garden Beds

A mini excavator will make short work of preparing a bed for your garden. If your yard has too much clay or rock, you can dig to a substantial depth — 2 metres or so, if needed — and replace the existing with more friable and fertile soil. You can easily mix in organic material and soil additives as you go. Your fruit and veggies, herbs, shrubs and flowers will pay you back many times over.

3. Yard Cleaning

Hire a mini excavator and you’ll be able to clean up your backyard without breaking a sweat. While heavy objects can often be removed from the site, those that are too heavy can be moved aside or perhaps buried. Care is needed when digging, as we mentioned 3 paragraphs earlier. With its power and manoeuvrability, a mini excavator, will make a significant difference to your site in quick time and with relatively little effort.

4. Replacing Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing pipes don’t last forever. If your water usage goes up, stays up, and you’re wondering why, there’s a good chance that you’ve sprung a leak underground. Enter the mini excavator. It’s the machine your plumber will hire if you don’t.

5. Build a Retaining Wall

Sloping blocks can quickly be transformed using a mini excavator. If there are rocks on your block, you can use them to create a retaining wall. Throw in some ag pipe, then backfill. A mini excavator will help you do it all.

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When it comes to Excavator Hire on the Gold Coast Hire Pro® is a champion for using them on a multitude of jobs around your property. For affordable mini excavator hire on the Gold Coast, call Hire Pro® or use our online contact form now.

When it comes to Excavator Hire on the Gold Coast Hire Pro® is a champion for using them on a multitude of jobs around your property. For affordable mini excavator hire on the Gold Coast, call Hire Pro® or use our online contact form now.