Gold Coast Concreting Tools & Equipment

If you intend to do your own cement work, then you need the right concreting equipment. While you might be able to find simple tools in your local home improvement store, we have the professional equipment needed to complete even the largest of jobs. We not only offer a wide range of cement mixers, surface prep items and other concrete equipment, but also a vast selection of excavators, tipper trucks, track loaders and skid steer loaders – plus more!

Concrete Mixer — Building Equipment in Mudgeeraba, QLD
Plank — Building Equipment in Mudgeeraba, QLD

Choosing to hire concrete equipment

There are numerous reasons why someone might choose to hire equipment instead of hiring someone to perform the entire job. Namely, it’s much less expensive to do the job yourself with our hired equipment than it is to call a professional concreter. In fact, our products are hired for less than even our competitors, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best prices on everything you receive.


Not only that, but you’ll be assured of top of the line equipment. We not only carry the best brands, including Kubota, Husqvarna, Honda, STIHL, Marines, Oldfield and others, but we also test and maintain our equipment regularly to ensure it continues performing in tip-top shape. You can feel confident that our products will give you professional, safe performance each and every time. That is our promise to you!

We provide concrete equipment to the entire Gold Coast area, including Mudgeeraba, Robina, Varsity Lakes, Bonogin Tallebudgera and others. We also offer super-fast delivery – you’ll get your equipment in as little as two hours from the time we secure your order.


When you’re ready, give us a call or head over to our contact page to get in touch. One of our professionals will be happy to guide you through the process of choosing and securing the equipment you need for your upcoming jobs.


Cement Mixers:

Our cement mixers are ideally suited for mixing up cement and concrete quickly. They’re perfect for driveway concreting, sidewalk paving, shed foundation pours and much more.


Concrete Saws:

We offer a selection of concrete cutting tools, including dustless saws for indoor applications and demolition work. Our tools are maintained and tested for top performance.


Concrete Tools:

Whether you’re pouring a foundation or just touching up a new driveway, we have a vast assortment of concrete tools to help. We offer low prices and top notch tools to get the job done right.


Surface Prep:

Prep any surface before pouring cement or concrete with our surface prep equipment and tool rentals. We have everything you need for preparation to make it easier and more affordable.



We have a large selection of consumable accessories to go with your concrete saws and other equipment, such as blades. All items have been verified to be of the highest quality, and you’ll get them at our affordable prices.


Concrete Equipment:

If you’re looking to pour a driveway, foundation, new path or sidewalk, we have the concrete equipment and tools you need to get the job done right. Our equipment for concrete projects is the most affordable around.


Skid Steer Loaders:

We have a variety of skid steer loaders to handle a wide range of construction tasks. Whether you’re grading a piece of land for concrete pouring or doing overhead work and excavation…we have you covered. Our skid steer loaders are high quality, well maintained and affordable!


Track Loaders:

Track loaders are the renaissance man of construction equipment. They can be combined with numerous attachments for use in grading, demolition, and other construction jobs. Our equipment is top of the line and maintained for flawless performance.


Mini Loaders:

Mini loaders are ideally suited for moving earth, and levelling the land for a concrete pour. They’re perfect for areas where skid steers and large equipment can’t go. We have a variety of high quality mini loaders for your next project.


Mini Excavators up to 2.5t:

We have a number of mini excavators for doing everything from moving materials to digging trenches. They are ideally suited for projects where larger equipment won’t go, but when you still need big power. All of our equipment is routinely maintained and tested.


Excavators 3–8t:

Excavators are well-suited for a wide range of construction and landscaping projects, from earth moving to digging trenches and moving debris and demo materials. Our mid-range excavators can handle commercial and domestic jobs and are highly affordable for hire.


Excavators 8–50t:

Our larger excavators are designed for heavy duty earth moving and trench digging jobs. They go up to 50t and are made to last, well maintained and highly affordable for your next construction or landscaping job.


Tipper Trucks & Utilities:

Tipper trucks, which are also called dump trucks, are great for moving earth and other loose materials. They’re highly suited for landscaping and a variety of construction projects around your homestead. From gardening to moving gravel for a new driveway, our tipper trucks are ready for anything!


Excavator Attachments:

Make the most of any of our excavators with our wide range of attachments. We have options to help with moving earth, handling trenches and many other construction and landscaping jobs. Find excavator attachments and excavators for hire right here!