Hire Demolition saws & chainsaws on the Gold Coast

There are numerous reasons you might need a saw for hire. Whether you’re looking for a chainsaw to cut down the dead branches hanging over your home, or a tile saw to remodel the bathroom—we have everything you need to do a professional job without having to hire a tradesperson.


We choose only the best equipment, and offer many of the top brands in the industry, including Kubota, Husqvarna, Honda, STIHL, Marines, Oldfield and others.


You’ll get the same top of the line equipment a professional construction expert would use, but without the insane price tag.

DEMO SAW — Building Equipment in Mudgeeraba, QLD
14'' Walk Behind Demo Saw — Building Equipment in Mudgeeraba, QLD

Why Choose For-hire Saws & Equipment?

Our customers choose us because we not only offer top of the line equipment, but also competitive rates. You’ll not only pay a fraction of what you’d expect to pay if you hired a professional builder or tree lopper, but you’ll also pay less than you’d expect from our competition. We offer the lowest rates in the area!


Not only that, but we offer fast delivery – often within two hours – to most of the Gold Coast area, including Mudgeeraba, Robina, Varsity Lakes, Bonogin, Tallebudgera, Worongary, Reedy Creek, Alstonville, Nerang and surrounding areas.


All of our equipment is routinely inspected and properly maintained. When you order from us, you can rest assured that everything will work just the way you expect each and every time.

Chainsaw Hire Gold Coast

Hire Pro offers chainsaw hire Gold Coast customers can rely on when they need access to professional, high-quality tools that can complete challenging tasks with ease. 


All our chainsaws are modern, well-maintained tools that offer exceptional performance and fuel efficiency. In addition to hiring out a wide selection of chainsaws, we are also able to offer product recommendations and options, based on what you tell us about the type of saw that you need.



Call on (07) 5600 7005.

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The Types Of Chainsaw We Offer

Chainsaws are a specific type of saw, distinguished by the use of teeth that are attached to a chain that rotates around the blade. 


Primarily intended for outdoor use, chainsaws may be powered by petrol, mains electricity or a battery. In general, chainsaws tend to be used for timber-cutting. 


Tasks such as trimming off excess branches, sawing down entire trees or chopping up tree trunks can all be effectively accomplished by a chainsaw.

There are a number of different chainsaw options available. 


The ones that we have for hire include:

  • Narrow kerf cutters. These are ideal for narrower, thinner cuts and faster working.
  • Low-profile cutters. These are versatile, effective and also very easy to use. They are ideal for hirers who don’t have a great deal of chainsaw experience.
  • Semi-chisel cutter. A reliable option that’s great for cutting softwood.
  • Full-chisel cutter. This type of chainsaw has square teeth that are particularly effective when it comes to cutting hardwood. The action of this chainsaw results in a high risk of kickback. We recommend that you are already familiar with using a chainsaw before you attempt to use a full-chisel cutter.

If you’re not sure what type of chainsaw you need, please ask and we’ll be happy to advise. Note that whilst we will show you how the chainsaw works, we don’t provide specific training. 


If you’re not trained in the use of chainsaws, we strongly recommend opting for a narrow kerf or low-profile cutter. These will successfully complete the majority of DIY shrub clearance, tree trimming, and log cutting projects.

Have You Considered Saw Accessories?

To operate the chainsaw successfully you’re going to need a number of accessories. For safety purposes, you should wear protective chaps, gloves, ear defenders and safety goggles. 


If you’re hiring a petrol chainsaw, you’ll need a suitable fuel container. In addition, you could possibly need a sawhorse to make it easier to position wood for cutting.


We have a large inventory of items for hire, which may include some of the accessories you need.

Worker With Gloves Using A Saw
CS60 SAW — Building Equipment in Mudgeeraba, QLD

Getting Started

If you’re ready to get started, then get in touch! Just fill out our online form, or even give us a call and we’ll help you walk through the steps. 


Whether you know just what you want, or need us to help you determine which saws and accessories are the right choices for your job, we’re happy to help every step of the way.

Chainsaw FAQs

DIY chainsaw users don’t need formal training or certification. If you’re using a chainsaw for work, then you should receive appropriate training to ensure compliance with employment/health and safety law.

No. We inspect and maintain our chainsaws between hires. This means you’ll end up with a chainsaw that’s in perfect condition and ready for use.

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Brick & Block Saws:

Brick and block saws are designed for use in masonry, allowing you to cut intricate shapes and edges along your bricks, blocks and other stone materials. Our brick and block saws are efficient and accurate, so you can get the job done right.

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Chainsaws are ideal for a variety of applications, such as cutting down trees to trimming thicker limbs and hedges. Our chainsaws come in multiple sizes in order to accommodate a variety of projects around your home. All saws are properly maintained to ensure optimum safety and performance.

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Demolition Saws:

Our range of demolition saws are made to cut through drywall, plaster and other materials commonly encountered during a demo project. They allow for greater precision, so you only cut what needs to be taken out. Check out our full range of demo saws and accessories for hire.

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Walk Behind Saws:

Walk behind saws are ideally suited for a range of applications, including concrete cutting and other heavy-duty jobs. Our saws are always maintained to the highest standards, so you get professional grade walk behind and concrete saws at a lower price than you’d spend on hiring a professional concrete worker.

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Tile Saws:

Tile saws are capable of cutting ceramic and similar tile materials to create straight or angular edges. Our tile saws are ideally suited for bathroom floors and decorative tile counter tops. We provide only the finest saws at the best prices you’ll find.