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On the hunt for affordable lawn mower rentals in the Gold Coast region? Look no further than Hirepro.


We rent out some of the best gardening equipment on the market, helping you to achieve stunning results at a low cost.


Feel free to browse our landscaping and gardening equipment and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today if you have any questions.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Lawnmower From Hirepro

Why should you hire a lawnmower for your project?


Whether you’re planning to mow a domestic lawn or embark on a commercial-scale job, hiring a mower will ensure you get the job done to an impeccable standard. Here are some great reasons to hire a lawnmower from us today:

Renting Equipment Is Cheaper Than Buying It

You may have noticed that high-end lawn mowers tend to be very expensive.


If you’re only planning to mow a lawn once or twice, purchasing a brand-new mower will immediately drain your budget. What’s more, purchasing a very cheap or second-hand machine will probably lead to substandard results and could even damage the lawn in the long run.


By renting a lawnmower, you can rest assured that you’re getting excellent value for money. We work hard to deliver competitive prices – one of the many reasons we’re a go-to equipment rental business for clients across the Gold Coast.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Repairs

Owning a lawn mower involves a lot of hard work. As well as storing it somewhere safe and dry, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape.


Repairs can be costly, time-consuming, and super inconvenient – there’s nothing more annoying than an engine dying halfway through a mowing session! At Hirepro, we take excellent care of our mowers to ensure they’re kept in mint condition for clients.

You Can Hire a Mower That Suits Your Project

Did you know that certain lawns can benefit from specific types of mowers?


By renting a mower, you can ensure it’s tailored to your needs. Speak to our team if you’re unsure about what sort of machine to select.

Why choose Hirepro?

There are plenty of excellent reasons to work with Hirepro, including:

  • We regularly upgrade our equipment, meaning you can make use of cutting-edge lawn mowing technologies.
  • We’re responsive and willing to accommodate urgent requests wherever possible.
  • We’re committed to delivering service with a smile and will offer valuable advice about what types of equipment will suit your project.
  • We offer quick and affordable delivery for clients across the Gold Coast – reach out to find out more about our prices.
  • We stock a wide range of equipment to suit different kinds of jobs.
  • We’re flexible and willing to accommodate a wide range of bespoke requests – just get in touch!

Reach out today!

If you need a lawnmower for an upcoming project, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hirepro today.


We’ll discuss your needs and preferences to come up with a suitable quote.