Cordless Frame Gun - Nail gun


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Cordless Frame Gun – Nail gun


Our Nail gun hire consists of the new Hilti GX-90-WF gas and battery operated gun.
  • Wood framing for stud walls and roofs
  • Roof battens and counterbattens
  • Timber substructures
  • External cladding
  • Wall and roof panelling

Gas-actuated fastening tool for wood framing applications

  • Tool body weight: 3700 g
  • Fastener intake: 84 nails
  • Fastener length range: 50 – 90 mm
  • Cordless alternative for most common wood framing applications – drives nails up to 90 mm in length
  • Excellent productivity through high performance Li-Ion battery and high magazine loading capacity
  • Best-in-class workplace safety – the unique safety nosepiece greatly reduces the risk of free-flying fasteners
  • High working precision with high grip nose, easy setting depth adjustment (keyless) and protective cap
  • Compatible with standard commercially-available consumables – 34 degree nail collation
Hire TimePrice
4 Hour Hire$30.00
1 Day Hire$45.00
2 Day Hire$90.00
3 Day Hire$135.00
4 Day Hire$190.00
5 Day Hire$190.00
6 Day Hire$190.00
7 Day Hire$190.00
Weekly Hire$190.00
Monthly HirePOA



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