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600mm S4 Auger


The 600mm S4 augers are perfect for Mini Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders up to 80hp, Excavators up to 1T-5T and Truck Cranes up to 9T/metre.

The standard hub for the S4 range is 65mm round.


Prices are for attachment hire only. Deduct 30% if hiring out with a Hire Pro Excavator/Loader.

Hire Time Price
4 Hour Hire N/A
1 Day Hire $57
2 Day Hire $114
3 Day Hire $171
4 Day Hire $228
5 Day Hire $228
6 Day Hire $228
7 Day Hire $228
Weekly Hire $228
Monthly Hire $750.00
Weekend $57