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Electric Power cutter Wet /Dry Hilti DCH300-X with blade

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An electric, 12″ (305mm) dustless demolition saw (also known as quick cut saw), dry cut, or wet cut available. Ideal for indoor cuts in concrete, granite, brick, and masonry blocks.

The hire package can include an industrial vacuum cleaner for an additional $55.00 per day.

-Cutting depth, max
120 mm
Blade diameter, max
305 mm

Minimum required safety equipment to be used;
– Suitable protective mask
– Suitable eye and face protection
– Suitable hearing protection
– Suitable protective cloves


Hire Time Price
4 Hour Hire $135.00
1 Day Hire $165.00
2 Day Hire $330.00
3 Day Hire $495.00
4 Day Hire $550.00
5 Day Hire $650.00
6 Day Hire $700.00
7 Day Hire $750.00
Weekly Hire $750.00
Monthly Hire $POA
Weekend $165.00