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Hand Trolley (Stair Climber)

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Revivalist stair climber trolley hire.

Featuring a 300 kg load capacity, the Westmix Large Stair Climber Trolley comes with 6” solid stair climber wheels and dolly wheels, an extra wide shoe for moving large and heavy objects and a heavy duty ratchet strap for securing heavy loads.

  • Designed for transporting heavy and large objects such as fridges and cabinets
  • Heavy Duty Ratchet strap to secure heavy loads
  • Fully welded frame gives maximum strength and longevity
  • Stair climber wheels for transporting loads up and down staircases
  • Dolly wheels for easy steering of heavy load
Hire Time Price
4 Hour Hire $15.00
1 Day Hire $30.00
2 Day Hire $45.00
3 Day Hire $50.00
4 Day Hire $55.00
5 Day Hire $60.00
6 Day Hire $60.00
7 Day Hire $60.00
Weekly Hire $60.00
Monthly Hire POA
Weekend $30.00