Rotary Hoe Hire Gold Coast

Are you looking to turn bare land into garden beds, or rejuvenate your crops this summer? Then a rotary hoe is for you.

A rotary hoe is a multi-purpose tool that is used to cultivate land. It uses a series of blades that prevent soil clustering and pulverise and moisturise the surface.

Tillage can be a tricky business with Australia’s inclement weather. Land must be cultivated before too many plants emerge and the soil dries out and becomes hard. As a result, a rotary hoe is only needed under specific weather conditions.

That’s why we offer a rotary hoe hire service. You can save money on upfront purchases by hiring our top-quality equipment as and when required.

Whether you’re a farmer looking for timely solutions for your land, or a novice gardener looking to conserve your soil, we’ve got you covered. Hire Pro offers competitive prices on rotary hoe hire across the Gold Coast.

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To establish your garden beds and lawns, get in touch with us at Hire Pro for rotary hoe hire today.

Rotary hoes offer a wide range of functions

Rotary hoes are powerful tools that get the job done in no time and are adaptable to plenty of agricultural needs.

If you’re suffering from hard ground or soil clods, simply activate the reverse blade drive mode at a slow speed. The results are astounding.

Alternatively, a rotary hoe can aid:

  • Soil and seedbed preparation
  • Soil movement
  • Inversion
  • Cutting and breaking
  • Plant access to nutrients
  • Crop yield

The Benefits Of Rotary Hoe Hire

Rotary hoes are versatile and can facilitate many gardening tasks. They offer many benefits to homeowners and farmers, including:

Soil Crusting Prevention

Unfortunately, soil crusting is a sad reality owing to Australia’s weather. Too much sun or excess rainfall can cause fine-textured soil to crust after it dries.

A rotary hoe reverses these conditions by breaking up the soil and, through timely passing, re-energises seedlings to emerge above ground.

Side View Of Rotary Hoe
Summer And Spring Season Sunny

Herbicide Activation

Where rainfall has not been sufficient to activate preemergent herbicides, don’t waste money on secondary herbicide application.

Rotary hoeing is an inexpensive solution that will incorporate some herbicide and control weeds before they emerge. It offers little disturbance to crop residue which leads to better infiltration.

Easy To Use

Despite their multi-functional uses, rotary hoes are very simple to use. With just two levers, it couldn’t be any easier.

The top lever controls the blades and the bottom lever controls the wheels. Move the blades forward and backwards for varying speeds on both variables.

Rotary Hoe On Green Grass

Easy To Use

At Hire Pro, we only stock the best equipment which will ensure speedy turnover. We also offer:

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