Scissor Lift Hire Gold Coast

Here at Hirepro, our team specialises in providing scissor lift hire packages in Gold Coast.


We work across southeast Queensland to provide tradespeople and DIY renovators with the lifts they need. We offer various sizes and weight capacities from renowned brands.

Whether you perform maintenance indoors or outdoors, scissor lifts provide the ideal stable platform. They work by raising people on a platform with a crisscrossed foundation.


They can be operated by a single person and come in various sizes and shapes with the same benefits.

53FT Rough Terrain Scissor — Building Equipment in Mudgeeraba, QLD

Bring Your Project To Life With A Scissor Lift

Choosing the right equipment is critical to achieving maximum efficiency and safety when handling materials. Scissor lifts are economical and highly versatile, plus they offer a unique range of features over similar machinery.

Scissor lifts are an excellent choice if you are in the material handling business or need elevation at your job site or home project, with benefits including:

Access Hard-To-Reach Places And Heights

Scissor lifts are helpful since some can reach heights of up to ten metres, making it possible for your workers to access spots that otherwise would have been difficult to reach.

Hirepro provides industry-leading models that will give you the reach you need, even carrying heavy cargo.

Yellow Scissor Lift Platform
Worker On A Scissor Lift

The Ease Of Use

One of the most significant benefits of scissor lifts is that they are relatively simple to operate and do not require extensive training to use.


Simple controls make the system foolproof and decrease operator fatigue.


Part of our service is to ensure you understand the operation entirely, and we will work with your operator to be confident in using our machinery.

Scissor Lifts Are Compact In Size

Scissor lifts are by far the most compact form of aerial work platform you’ll ever come across.


This is especially important in tight spaces, such as event venues or tightly packed warehouses where stacked crates prevent access to the ceiling.


This also makes them simple to deliver, and our team can have a scissor lift on-site on the same day on most occasions.

A Yellow Scissor Lift
One Yellow Scissor Lift

You Don't Need A Lot Of Floor Space To Use Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are an excellent solution if your business, home or job site has limited space and you need to work at height since they can fully retract and take up very little space.

Scissor lifts require less floor space to operate than other aerial work platforms. Our team can guide you through the storage process.

They Can Improve Safety And Reduce Injuries

Attempting to lift heavy objects causes back injuries on the job site and at home, leading to a large reduction in productivity and painful time off for the person who has sustained the injury.

Lifting items to the desired height is convenient with a scissor lift. Additionally, lifting in a horizontal or vertical plane is no longer a risk for back strain.

Installing A Sign Using Scissor Lift
Painter Using A Scissor Lift Platform

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