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Tilting Car trailer 3,200kg ATM

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Our Tilting Car Trailer connects direct to your vehicle, 4WD, utility or truck via a standard 50mm tow ball hitch. Ideal for moving cars, utes and light commercial vehicles weighing no more than 2,450kgs

These Trailers have Electric Brakes which we can supply a bluetooth brake controller with the hire.

Please note: These trailers DO NOT have winches and we DO NOT supply straps or chains.

Hire Time Price
4 Hour Hire $70.00
1 Day Hire $95.00
2 Day Hire $190.00
3 Day Hire $285.00
4 Day Hire $340.00
5 Day Hire $410.00
6 Day Hire $440.00
7 Day Hire $440.00
Weekly Hire $440.00
Monthly Hire $1,760.00
Weekend $95.00