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Cordless Drill


A light, easy to use, re-chargeable battery powered hand tool ideal for drilling timber and steel. Battery charger included for prolonged use.

Hire Time Price
4 Hour Hire $20.00
1 Day Hire $35.00
2 Day Hire $70.00
3 Day Hire $90.00
4 Day Hire $110.00
5 Day Hire $130.00
6 Day Hire $150.00
7 Day Hire $150.00
Weekly Hire $150.00
Monthly Hire POA
Weekend $35.00


Cordless Drill Hire

Cordless drills are a must-have tool for DIYers and contractors taking on construction projects. They offer a convenient and cost-effective way to drill holes and fix screws no matter where you are, and our powerful cordless drill is the perfect tool to use in a wide variety of construction projects.



What Is A Cordless Drill?

Cordless drills are power tools that are used for drilling holes and screws. They’re often used in place of manual screwdrivers and they offer power and convenience in equal measure. Because they don’t have a cord that gets in the way while you’re drilling, they’re much more convenient than corded drills and you can use them anywhere you like. They’re powered with a battery, so you don’t have to be working close to a power source to use a cordless drill. This makes them suitable for outdoor use or projects in tight, challenging spaces.


Cordless drills are versatile tools that are often used in construction, carpentry, joinery, masonry, and many other trades. They’re portable and easy to strap to your tool belt, and hiring a cordless drill is often the preferred option for individuals looking to complete short-term or one-off projects. Hiring power tools may be more cost-effective than buying them in the long run depending on the type of project you’re working on and the scale of the work you’re doing.



What Jobs Can You Use A Cordless Drill For?

Cordless drills can be used to drill into a huge range of materials including timber, light steel, plastic, brick, concrete, glass, and stone. You’ll have to choose the appropriate type of drill bit for the project that you want to complete. For example, a twist drill bit is ideal for drilling into light steel and timber while a masonry drill bit is needed to drill into stone and brick.


Cordless drills are often used to drill holes into wood that’s at risk of splitting. Wood can split when a large screw separates the individual grains in the wood, which is why many people use cordless drills fitted with smaller drill bits to drill a pilot hole before inserting the screw to reduce the risk of wood splits. Cordless drills can also be used to cut round holes in wood, such as those holes used for doorknobs and sinks.


You may also choose to use a cordless drill to install drywall. Installing drywall can be a complicated process that involves lifting up large panels of drywall and holding them in place while you screw them into the wall. This requires careful balance and precision which can only be achieved when using a cordless drill.



Hire A Cordless Drill Today

If you’re looking for high-quality power tools for hire to complete DIY projects or small-scale construction jobs, you can hire a cordless drill today from us. We supply high-power cordless drills to private and commercial clients for as little as $10 a day. To find out more about our cordless drills for hire call us today on 07 5660 7005 or email us at