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Light tower – 4x LED head trailer mounted


PR Power Lighting Tower mounted on a single axle , robust trailer with adjustable tow bar, with 6x 160w (48vDC) heavy duty LED lights including.
The mast is hydraulically operated from the control panel and includes:

▪ Multi adjustable LED lamps for directional lighting
▪ 8.5m vertical, hydraulic mast extension
▪ Fully adjustable light tilt
▪ 350 degree mast rotation
▪ 4x independently operated, manual wind down stabiliser legs
▪ 110 Litre, fully bunded, long range diesel fuel tank
▪ 200hr run time


Hire Time Price
4 Hour Hire N/A
1 Day Hire $140.00
2 Day Hire $280.00
3 Day Hire $420.00
4 Day Hire $480.00
5 Day Hire $480.00
6 Day Hire$ $480.00
7 Day Hire $480.00
Weekly Hire $480.00
Monthly Hire POA
Weekend $140.00


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