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Log Grapple to suit Vermeer Loader


RLG46 Rotating Log Grapple for mini loaders

Feed large diameter timber into wood chippers with the Vermeer RLG46 rotating mini loader log grapple, for maximum productivity with less fatigue and risk of manual handling injuries.

Prices are for attachment hire only. Deduct 30% if hiring out with a Hire Pro Excavator/Loader.

Hire Time Price
4 Hour Hire N/A
1 Day Hire $85.00
2 Day Hire $170.00
3 Day Hire $255.00
4 Day Hire $305.00
5 Day Hire $355.00
6 Day Hire $355.00
7 Day Hire $355.00
Weekly Hire $355.00
Monthly Hire $1,200.00
Weekend $85.00