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What can you do with a mini excavator?

Mini Excavator Hire Gold Coast

Mini excavators are typically used for small to medium sized projects and can be suitable for a wide variety of tasks. Making construction tasks easier and more efficient when more precision is needed. Mini excavators can be used for projects such as digging holes, fixing sewer lines, taking down structures, landscaping and tree stump removal. People come to us when looking for mini excavator hire on the Gold Coast. Unlike their larger counterparts, the mini version usually weighs about 1000 kilograms and is designed for smaller jobs on domestic and residential sites. If you don’t think you’ll use the equipment very often, it makes more sense to rent one. However, if you’ll use it for many purposes on a regular basis, buying a mini excavator is likely a good investment. Here are some reasons when hiring a mini excavator is a good idea.

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Fixing Sewer Lines

When you need to repair a sewer line, a mini excavator is a better choice than a full size piece of machinery. That’s because you can save money on the cost of the overall job by using a smaller excavator, but you’ll also be able to manoeuvre around the job site easier and have a bit more breathing room in a tight place than you would with a larger excavator.

Tree Stump Removal

A mini excavator Is the ideal machine to use to remove a tree stump if you take the option of forced removal rather than chemicals which cause the stump to rot and break down over time. It is a rare tree that needs a full size excavator to remove it, and a mini machine is more suited to the average garden size in Australia. A compact excavator can usually dig to a depth of six to eight feet.

Digging Holes

A mini excavator is the ideal tool for digging holes in hard to reach places. They can access spots that a large piece of equipment might not be able to get to, making is simple to get holes dug for placing fence posts, laying pipes and more. Using a mini excavator can make your project faster and more efficient, which moves things along and saves you money at the same time.

Taking Down Structures

Obviously you can’t use a mini excavator to take down large structures, but it’s perfect for tearing down smaller buildings. It’s ideal for removing sheds, gates and similar structures from your job site. A mini excavator is able to get around the work site and get rid of a building that’s in the way much easier than a larger piece of equipment might be able to. It’s also quicker than having to use hand tools to take down the structure. If you need mini excavator hire on the Gold Coast call us or use our online contact form