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How to Prevent A Dust Storm During Excavation

Excavating a site can mean disturbing a great deal of dust, allowing it to enter the atmosphere and resulting in those around you coughing and the site becoming contaminated. In order to avoid these problems, you have to take steps to avoid a dust cloud when you are using an excavator hire in your Gold Coast site. There are several steps that you can take to make sure that you limit the amount of dust produced during your excavation, and Hire Pro Online can give you more information about your choices.

Different types of dust

The first thing that you will have to recognise is that there are different types of dust produced during excavation. Silica dust is by far the most dangerous to human health, and is caused by cutting or grinding man-made materials such as cement, mortar and concrete. Non-silica dust is produced by dry soil being dug during excavation, by cutting limestone, gypsum or brickworks. There are only a few ways that you can manage either type of dust when you are excavating.

The best method of preventing dust

When you are excavating, there are several things that you can do to suppress dust, but the chief one is to damp down the area using water. On very dry soil, you need to damp down a minimum of three times a day during the excavation. You may consider hiring water trucks from Hire Pro Online to ensure that you have enough water to keep the soil moist.

Using vacuums

Another option that you can choose is to use vacuum machines to suck up loose soil as the site is being dug. This will allow you to remove soil in a safe manner keeping it contained within the machine. This prevents it from contaminating the site, getting into machinery or affecting workers.

Specialist materials

If you have a large project that requires serious investment, then you may benefit from buying specialist materials designed to reduce soil loss. These might include resins, chemicals and tools designed to assist you with reducing the environmental impact of using an excavator.

Talk to us about hiring tools

If you wish to excavate a site, then the best way to do so in a safe and sensible manner is to look for quality excavator hire on the Gold Coast. To view a whole range of different machines and tools, contact Hire Pro online today using our enquiry form, or call 1800-447-377 now.