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Safety Tips For Picking Up A Trailer

You’ve got things to move and trailers make it a whole lot easier. But let’s be real—towing a trailer is not like any average day driving your car. You’ve got extra weight and different driving dynamics and you’re responsible for it all. So, before you hitch up and hit the road, let’s talk safety tips.

The Importance Of Proper Inspection

You wouldn’t buy a second-hand phone without turning it on and checking if it works, would you? The same logic applies to picking up a trailer. Before you even think of driving off with your trailer, it’s crucial that you conduct a thorough inspection. Check for any visible damages like dents, rust or wear and tear that may affect the trailer’s performance. Inspect the tires for any punctures or low pressure, which could lead to a blowout on the road.


Also, verify that the lights and indicators are functioning correctly. Faulty lights can not only be a road hazard but could get you in trouble with the law. Taking a few extra minutes to perform these checks can save you a lot of headaches later on.

How To Connect & Secure The Trailer Hitch

Connecting the trailer hitch securely is crucial for a safe trip. Start by aligning your vehicle’s hitch and the trailer’s coupler. Lower the trailer onto the hitch ball and lock it into place. Use a hitch pin to secure the connection and ensure it’s locked with a safety clip.


Next, connect the safety chains. They should be crisscrossed to form an “X” pattern underneath the hitch. This arrangement acts as a safety net in case the primary hitch connection fails. Finally, plug in the electrical connectors to ensure that your vehicle’s brake lights, turn signals and other indicators are in sync with the trailer.

Weight & Balance: Ensuring A Safe Load Distribution

Ever try to carry a basket of laundry and it’s heavier on one side? You know how awkward that feels. Imagine that, but at 110 km/h on a highway. Make sure the heaviest items are centred and positioned over the trailer’s axle. This optimises the trailer’s balance and minimises the likelihood of it swaying or tipping over.


Too much weight on either the front or rear can destabilise your trailer and vehicle, making it harder to control. Always adhere to the recommended weight limits of both the trailer and your towing vehicle to avoid any complications.

Roadworthy Checklist: What To Do Before Hitting The Open Road With Your Rented Trailer

Check The Lights (Again)

Turn on your headlights, indicators and brake lights. Maybe even get a buddy to stand behind the trailer and confirm that all lights are in sync with your vehicle’s controls.

Brakes: Test, Don't Guess

Before you get on the road, find an empty parking lot or a similar safe area to conduct a brake test. Does the trailer stop smoothly without jerking? If it doesn’t, something may be off with the brake connections, and you should consult the rental service before proceeding.

Check For Loose Items

This might sound like a no-brainer, but loose items can cause a lot of problems when you’re on the move. Ensure that everything is tied down, secured or placed in a position where it won’t shift and cause balance issues for the trailer.

Quick Tyre Inspection

A visual glance at your tyres could reveal if something is off. Are they looking a bit deflated since you last checked? If so, reinflate them to the recommended PSI.

Make Your Trip As Smooth As Possible

Renting a trailer doesn’t have to be a stressful experience if you take the time to follow these safety tips. Proper inspection, secure hitching, balanced weight distribution and a thorough roadworthy checklist can make your trip as smooth as possible. If you need reliable trailer hire on the Gold Coast, consider Hire Pro. With top-notch trailers and exemplary customer service, you’ll be in good hands for your next project or adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Hire Pro today and ensure your journey is safe, efficient and hassle-free.