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5 ways to use an excavator for home improvements

The pandemic hasn’t stopped people wanting to renovate their properties and more than ever home-owners are looking for new ways to add value to their property and save on costs which is where hiring an excavator can come in handy.

New lending research suggests Australian home-owners spend an average of $63,000 on renovation projects on their homes. The most popular renovations being either shared living spaces or outdoor improvements.

Most customers are keen to improve their outdoor areas’ look and feel but don’t know where to start. The best way to keep a renovation on track and budget is to do as much research as possible before getting started and saving money on experienced contractors by hiring equipment to get the job done yourself.

Make sure you talk to your bank or broker to ensure you get the right finance for your renovation project and then talk to a carpenter or builder about what you can do within your budget and how to save with hiring equipment.

Mini excavators are one of the handiest machines you can use to get a whole range of jobs done quickly and efficiently. They’re extremely useful for digging and demolishing and have easy access because of their size in smaller areas.  Mini excavators also use less power than larger ones and use a smaller carbon footprint and create less noise than large commercial-sized excavators.

Here are 5 outdoor projects where can hire an excavator to do the job.

1. Digging holes and foundations

By using a mini-excavator and an auger attachment, you’ll be able to dig postholes for fencing without the back-breaking digging with a shovel. You can also dig postholes for fencing, foundation poles for decking, pergolas, or outdoor BBQ areas with ease. A mini excavator can dig up to a meter deep with ease.

2. Utility trenches and drainage ditches

Creating long narrow ditches or trenches for plumbing drainage or utility lines can save you money when hiring an electrician and plumber. While you’ll still need a skilled electrician and plumber for connections, this is handy if you want to run cables or plumbing to an outside shed or pool cabana. Trenching is a long-term solution taken to protect and hide pipes and cables.  Hiring an excavator is also handy if you detect an underground pipe leak. Your plumber will most likely use one of these to get to the pipe.

3. Removing tree stumps

An excavator can help you remove trees stumps and large based root systems in your garden and around the sides of your house. If your yard has too much clay or hard rock, you can dig it out and replace with organic soil to create beautiful garden beds and vegetable patches with ease.

4. Demolish old concrete, asphalt or small structures

Another way to improve your outdoor appearance to your home is to create lovely entrance ways with new pathways or driveways. An excavator can demolish old crumbling and cracking driveways so you can lay new concrete or asphalt. Or take apart an old concrete or brick patio that needs a new replacement.

5. Build a retaining wall or rock structures

If you have a sloping block and you need to add some retaining walls, a mini excavator can transform a back yard in no time. An excavator can also create firepits or move large boulders into creative garden designs and backyard creative projects.

There are a few pros and cons for DIY excavating; here are some to think about.


  • It’s a great way to improve your trenching and cabling skills
  • It can be a fun and rewarding way to do your outdoor improvements yourself
  • It can save you money on contractors
  • Once you learn this skill you can help family and friends with their projects


  • It may take you longer than a professional
  • Budgeting may get blown if you don’t research your materials and machinery properly
  • Contractors can get more work done during the week while you’re at work
  • Contractors will guarantee their work with timing and design

As a small business, Hire Pro® aims to deliver a friendly and personalised experience to all of our customers, ensuring the right equipment for any job big or small. We have a range of equipment including, 1t-2.5t excavators, 3t-8t excavators and 10t-50t excavators and recommend what you’ll need for your home improvement projects. Contact us today for any question on your project.